Top 3 cheapest cars you can buy in America

Top 3 cheapest cars you can buy in America

05/17/2017 23:55:08
Top 3 cheapest cars you can buy in America
The three cheapest new cars on sale in the United States all come in under $14,000.

In this era of low interest rates, cheap gas prices, and hot-selling crossovers, it's not easy to be a low-priced new car. The reason is simple: the competition from off-lease used cars with more equipment is fierce. Nevertheless, the standard level of equipment of these little guys is getting better every year. One more reason to buy these cheap new cars is that they are also safer and more efficient than ever. Let's take a look at the cheapest cars you can buy new in America.



Nissan Versa S Sedan - $12,855

$12,855. That’s what the bare-bones Nissan Versa S sedan will set you back. For that price, the lowest for a brand new car in this country at the moment, you get 109 horsepower, a 5-speed manual, A/C, Bluetooth, traction and stability control with ABS … and not much else. You'll crank your own windows and lock your own doors, too. Good luck finding one at this price.



Mitsubishi Mirage - $13,830

Given the experience of being in a Mirage, it's incredible that it's not the cheapest option on the list. The only engine on offer is an anemic, jittery inline-3 making just 78 horsepower. There's no Bluetooth, no cruise control, but you do get standard power windows and door locks. Take that, Versa! A quick aside: the CVT is not worth the $1,200 upgrade.



Chevrolet Spark - $13,875

The Spark is a very similar vehicle to the Mirage in terms of size, conception, and power output. And while it's no Bentley, it's a big step up from the Mirage for a measly $45 upcharge. There's a 98 horsepower inline-4; a nifty touch-screen radio with Bluetooth, Android Auto, and CarPlay; and an armrest. You'll have to crank up and down your windows yourself, but in this segment that's still fairly common.


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